A typical case of contributing to open-source

A typical case of contributing to open-source

Contributing to open-source and achieving business value at the same time

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Youssef Siam
·Aug 26, 2022·

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The Problem

We have a problem for a while @kwentra with a badly written tool that we used for our Golang projects database migrations. this week we decided to cut this time-bleeding off.

Couldn't solve it using the traditional ways

Of course, we would have been happy if we just found another tool to do the trick for us. but unfortunately, that was not the case

The Solution

There were many approaches on the table to solve the problem.

Ahmed Toulan and I were leaning towards the solution that had community support. So, we picked the open-source tool that has the majority of the features we need, forked it, added the features that solved our problem, then made a PR.

The Bottom line

The idea here is that this was not the easier approach for us, but this one will make us get the advantage of community support in the future, and anyone in the world can get the advantage of our feature as well, So we all can innovate together.


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